Ignition Edge Transmission Connection

Is there a way to get the status of the connection of the Ignition Edge device with Transmission installed to the broker?

I can see it in the gateway, is there a way to get this in a tag? A script maybe?

The easiest way to track whether or not the Transmission Sparkplug MQTT client is online is by watching the Online tag for that specific Transmitter’s MQTT Client.

For example, [MQTT Transmission]Transmission Info/Transmitters//Edge Nodes///MQTT Client/Online

I hope that helps. Let me know if I missed the point entirely. Thanks.

Is that tag path exist on the Edge? I don’t see that tag.

Yes, it should be present at the Edge under the MQTT Transmission tag provider. My apologies… the example tag path I replied with got mangled by the forum formatter. Please see the new example tag path below. Please note that the Transmitter name, Group Id and Edgenode Id will be specific to your Transmitter configuration. Let me know if you have trouble finding the corresponding tag for your Transmitter following the example below.

[MQTT Transmission]Transmission Info/Transmitters/TransmitterName/Edge Nodes/GroupId/EdgeId/MQTT Client/Online

I found it now if it never makes a connection (a new connection), it doesn’t have that tag until it makes a connection.

Great. Glad you found it. Ping us back with any other questions.