MQTT - Online Status - False Positives

MQTT Distributor 4.0.6 (b2020111920)
MQTT Engine 4.0.6 (b2020111920)
Transmission version 4.0.8 (b2021071520)

We are struggling with the reliability of the Edge Node Information w.r.t. to Online Status of the edge devises. We seem to be unable to reliably count on the Online Status information and/or Good/Bad quality to indicate if an Edge device has gone off line. We have been testing both the reliability of reconnection and Store & Forward. During our testing we found that a Edge Node could be off line but the MQTT Engine still indicated that BOTH data quality and online status to be good. How we demonstrated this was by disconnecting the network connection on the Edge node and then watching the MQTT Engine in the cloud to see if it went off line. We did this test a couple of times and the Edge device indicates it is on line.

Example of Online Status showing when Edge Device is offline.

Is there some setting that we need to have to put some sort of “time out” retry that would update the status properly?


I noticed you are running an older version of Engine (thanks for posting the versions) and we did address some issues of the Online Tag status. I would take that Engine up to v4.0.8 (assuming your Ignition is at least up to v8.0.16) and see if this continues.



Upgraded modules for Distributor and Engine to v4.0.8, but still seem to be experiencing the same issue. (BTW: New modules were installed through Gateway. Gateway was not restarted.

Note Info/Online is showing true even when network is disconnected (Note: Edge Device is on Wifi not copper - if that helps any We Disable Wifi in OS for test. Store & Forward works when we conduct the test as we can see the Edge Node Metrics Stored increase.). Also Tags are showing Good quality still too.

Just tried a similar test with a Raspberry PI 4 (RPI) with Node Red implementation of Sparkplug B and the Online status works perfectly when Wifi is disabled (Connected RPI to Distributor and Engine) (Must be something in the configuration of the Transmission).

BTW: The Edge device is running Windows 10 with Wifi.

Note: ACL for users on Engine are as follows:
Windows Box (with issue): RW spBv1.0/LP/+/Sagola_Woodroom_Strander02/#, R STATE/illumenX_DEV
RPI (no issues): RW spBv1.0/Company Name 2/+/Plant_X_Area_Y_Equipment_UFO/#, R STATE/illumenX_DEV

Is there any way we can get some direct support from Cirrus Link on this issue? We are shipping our unit out tomorrow and would like to get this issue understood and hopefully resolved before then? (We purchased our MQTT module licensing through Inductive Automation, so let me know if we need any information like that to get support.

BTW: We submitted a support ticket with Inductive and they have directed us back to Cirrus.

Joe Rosenkrans (Inductive Automation)

Sep 23, 2021, 6:28 AM PDT

Cirrus Link is the developer and expert on the MQTT modules (We do not have access to their code) both of your questions are directly related to the functionality/configuration of the modules. I would open a ticket with Cirrus Link or continue discussing with them through their forums.

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I am hopeful that its a minor problem that we just need to get some “eyes” on from the experts.

Good morning Chris,

You can reach Cirrus Link Support by submitting an email directly at support @ cirrus-link . com (remove the spaces) or from our website at the same domain at From there there is the “Contact Us” top right page, followed by the option to Contact Support center right screen. Either path will generate a support ticket.


Awesome thanks for the direction.


Let me know if you did not get a reply from me this morning. Sometimes these replies get filtered as SPAM.