MQTT Transmission Module stops sending messages after a edge gateway restored back from power failure

Hi All

I have a system whereby i have various Ignition Edge gateways, installed with MQTT transmission module. On my server, i have MQTT engine and distributor installed. All communication is fine.

When there is a power shutdown, edge gateway is forced to off, and then manually started back on. When the edge gateway is back on, the MQTT transmission seems to be stopped sending messages to the server. I would have to manually restart the MQTT transmittion module to refresh the communication status, then only it would start sending messages to the server again. Sometimes, the communication could only be restored during the second module restart attempt.

Would like to know, is this a normal behavior?
If not, could someone kindly advise how should i go about troubleshooting this issue?

Many thanks in advance!

That doesn’t sound like the proper behavior.

As soon as Transmission comes back up after the edge gateway restart, it should connect to the MQTT Server (Distributor) and send the appropriate Birth messages to Engine. These Birth messages will contain the tags and their current values plus any additional tag properties that we propagate to Engine. When Engine receives these messages, it should mark the edge node and its devices as Online, then update the corresponding tags for that edge node and its devices (under the Engine tag provider). The tags should no longer be stale and should reflect the same tag value seen at the edge. If the above is not happening on edge gateway restart, I recommend reaching out to to troubleshoot further.

Hi Nathan, thank you for replying.
I have contacted the support for further troubleshooting.

May i clarify, by pressing the ‘Restart’ button on ignition’s edge gateway page, this action is the same as activating the ‘Rebirth’ tag or the ‘Reboot’ tag in the Node Control folder?

I am hoping to link the tag to a button so that when the connection is faulty, clients can press the button to ‘refresh’ it, similar to restarting the transmission module from gateway webpage.

Restarting the Transmission module is functionally the same as triggering a Transmission Refresh via the ‘[MQTT Transmission]Transmission Control/Refresh’ tag. This will restart the Edge Node and on reconnect, it will transmit its NBIRTH message. Node Control/Rebirth requests the Edge Node to resend its NBIRTH and DBIRTH messages without disconnecting or sending DEATH messages first. For more information on Node Control, Node Info and other MQTT Engine tags see our documentation here.

Hi Nathan, thank you very much for the information!