Some MQTT tags stay Bad_NotConnected

I keep on running into this odd issue. I have the following tags on the edge:


These tags are then transmitted with transmission module, here is the resulting tags under MQTT Engine provider:


On closer investigation it seems that the values that are not coming through have not changed since the last node offline event and the ones that are coming through, have changed.

I think what is happening is that some values rarely change (weeks/months) and then a node goes offline and online and everything is Bad_NotConnected until it’s value changes. Only then does it update.

How does one get around this? I assumed that with the rebirth, the last known values would be published?

Hello Fielies,

This may have been addressed in later versions of our modules. If you meet the minimum Ignition version requirements I would take Transmission and Engine up to our latest v4.0.18.

Compatibility listings:

If this does not solve the issues please open a support ticket with us at



Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the info. I updated all the Ignition GW’s transmission and engine modules as you stated. Now we wait and see.