Ignition mqtt tag red once ignition gateway restart


We have ignition gateway on the cloud and all site ignition edge communicating with the gateway via MQTT.

Each time we restart the gateway, I have to login some of the site edge unit to refresh mqtt tags manually. otherwise, the mqtt tags on the gateway will be red, quality “bad”.


I would like to know,
Why it happens?
How to resolve the issue?
If it cannot be resolved, is there anyway I can say add a button on the gateway project to send a signal to restart the MQTT service on the edge unit, just like the manual refresh action I have to do each time on the edge station?

Many thanks.

This can happen with Engine side tags on a GW restart as the Edge node is no longer considered to be online after MQTT Engine is restarted. In earlier versions of MQTT Engine we would “stale” tags on Engine shutdown to signify the Edge node is offline and its tags are no longer up-to-date/Good. We no longer do this in later versions of MQTT Engine. With the latest version of MQTT Engine, tags under MQTT Engine will not be visible post MQTT Engine restart until MQTT Engine receives a new Birth message from the Edge. The way to ensure each Edge node will automatically publish its Birth message after an MQTT Engine / GW restart is to set the Primary Host ID in MQTT Engine configuration and then set the same Primary Host ID on the Edge (in the Server Set under MQTT Transmission if using Transmission). Using Primary Host ID will ensure the Sparkplug Edge node client publishes its Birth automatically after MQTT Engine comes online post module or GW restart.

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Thank you. It’s working.