Node Rebirth vs Refresh

We have a central site with several edge nodes using radio communications. We have some that disconnect fairly frequently cause rebirths. What I am having trouble with is it appears to be birthing a cached copy instead of recollecting the tag data. I would like to refresh on rebirth. (there is a “refresh required” tag on each node, so this could be consulted before regenerating the tag births if that would help).

This causes me issues as I put some alarm properties (enabled, priority) as tag properties and then created a process that triggers an update out to the edge server when these properties are updated on the central server. When the cached rebirth occurs, these properties get set back to what is in the cache. (not what is in the actual tag). Hopefully this makes sense. (I had also created a process to export the alarms at the edge and import to the central server. MQTT is configured to convert to standard tags instead of keep as UDTs)

Ideas? Is there an option I can’t find to not use cached births?


There have been some edge cases where this could happen in previous versions of the modules. Are you running v4.0.18? This is the most recent version released and has no known issues along these lines.

Thank you, we are running 4.0.16 on Ignition 8.1.27 both centrally and at the edge, but prepping to upgrade to 8.1.32 / 4.0.18. I’ll hold to see what happens after that upgrade is complete.

Thanks again.