MQTT Transmission Module stops sending and will not reconnect after network hit


I am running Ignition 8.1.30 and I have installed the MQTT transmission module on my server. I am publishing Test data from Ignition (Cirrus Link) to a Solace MQTT server on a 2 minute cycle. All connectivity is fine. I am seeing issues where the network connectivity between my Ignition Server and the Solace MQTT Server is down. Any subsequent attempt to publish data from Ignition to Solace MQTT after this network disconnection does not happen, even though the network is back on line. The only error I see is in the Gateway Log files indicating a network failure. There is no mention of an MQTT Publishing error. The transaction simply doesn’t happen. I can correct the issue by resetting the REFRESH Tag property on the MQTT Transmission Tag, but I do not want to run this every time I transmit data to the MQTT server. Is there a way to trap for the network disconnection, so that I can systematically reset the REFRESH property? Has anybody ever seen this issue before. Thanks.

Transmission is designed to reconnect automatically and should do so without any manual intervention. Can you send your Ignition logs to so we can figure out what is going on?