Error starting MQTT Transmission module after updating to 4.0.13

Encountered a strange issue when updating MQTT Transmission module.

We have two pairs of Ignition servers with MQTT Transmission 4.0.9. We update the transmission module on one pair and it worked fine. However, when trying to update the second pair it faults after the update.

Things we tried (Edit)

  • We can revert to 4.0.9 and it runs fine
  • We have tried different versions with the same results
  • Our initial though is there is some cache that is not being cleared and causing MQTT Transmission module to fail

There is a known issue in previous modules that causes this to occur. The easiest way to clear it is typically:

  1. Stop Ignition (on both servers)
  2. Manually delete the module in [ignition_install_dir]/user-lib/modules/
  3. Start Ignition
  4. Install the new module

If this does not clear it, I would recommend opening a support ticket at