MQTT Transmitter list In Designer

Hi all,
I have been exploring options to work around the MQTT message size limitation from AWS. Part of the proof of concept is to utilize the Gateway script to create multiple MQTT transmitters based on a few conditions (using system.cirruslink.transmission.createConfig). The scripts work, and the transmitter created successfully. However, after I delete them from the Ignition web portal, the list of deleted Transmitters are still showing up under the Designer (MQTT Transmission > Transmission Info > Transmitters).

I have tried the usual restarting of the Designer, refreshed the connection, and even tried to delete the Transmitters within the Design but none of these works.

Can you please advise if this is expected and if there is any way for me to clean up the configuration in the Designer?

Thank you again.

You should be able to delete the configuration and then delete the tag folder and they shouldn’t come back unless the Transmitter config is recreated.

Yea I am puzzled as well. I haven’t had much time to test this further today apart from restarting everything once more due to other changes on the server. I will park this issue for now and revisit this once I sort out my other testing with Ignition. Thanks.