MQTT Engine not creating all folders in topic

The logs show that 12 messages are being received for the Utilities/Room/# topics, but only folder 11 is created in Ignition Designer. Restart of publishing device, MQTT Engine module, and MQTT Distributor module did not recreate the missing folders.


What version of MQTT Engine is this. If not 4.0.18, can you upgrade and try again? There have been a few fixes to custom namespaces over the last few versions.

For reference, the compatibility matrix is here: Ignition Compatibility with Cirrus Link Modules - MQTT Modules for Ignition 8.x - Confluence

The installed version of MQTT Engine and Distributor is 4.0.18 and Ignition’s version is 8.1.30.

Hmmm - I’m not quite sure what is going on. Can you send the full logs from the system running MQTT Engine to We can take a closer look there.

I assumed the folders would be created instantly, but it must have happened some time later (more than 5 minutes less than 2 days). Now all the tags and folders appeared.

Hmmm - that is odd. It should happen nearly instantly when the messages arrive. Are you seeing the values update in real time?

Yes, the values are updating as fast as I can look to the adjacent monitor with the PLC programming software up for comparison.

Yeah - I’m not sure. I’ve seen some occasions where the tag browser in Ignition Designer didn’t update automatically without a manual refresh. Is that posssible? If not, I would be interested in seeing your MQTT Engine side logs to see if anything stands out there.

If you want to pursue this - please send those to