Updated ignition and now Engine is no longer receiving MQTT tags

Last week we redeployed our ignition docker with the latest version. When I reinstalled the MQTT engine, we are no longer receiving MQTT tags.

I have another ignition server connected to the same MQTT broker and it is receiving the tag updates properly with an older version of ignition. The MQTT engine says that it is connected to the correct broker on the new system. The tags are coming in as JSON objects which worked fine in the past.

The log does not show any indication of errors in parsing messages.

Has anyone else experienced any of these issues? My new ignition version is 8.1.28 and the old one was 8.1.10.

Do you still have a custom namespace defined to subscribe to your custom MQTT messages? If you didn’t load a gateway backup and didn’t explicitly configure MQTT Engine with the custom namespace it wouldn’t create the tags. See here: MQTT Engine Custom Namespace - MQTT Modules for Ignition 8.x - Confluence