UDT instance tags appearing as folders in MQTT Engine

Hi there,

I’ve just ran into an issue where UDT-instanced tags published from an Edge Gateway are showing up as folders with tags within in the Ignition Server’s Tag Browser, and therefore, any changes made to history or alarms to the UDTs on the Server aren’t applied. I’ve searched around the forums looking for similar issues, and the closest I’ve found is this, but it’s a different issue, and the solution was updating the MQTT modules to versions I’m already running, so here we are. The system is currently running the following versions:

  • Ignition Edge v8.1.15 + MQTT Transmission v4.0.10 (b2022020721)
  • Ignition Standard v8.1.15 + MQTT Engine v4.0.10 (b2022020721)

The tag in question used to be an instance of an old version of the same UDT, but is now running the new UDT version (both versions still exist in the system, just with different names and structures), and both UDT versions are appearing correctly in the UDT Definitions tab of the Tag Browser in the MQTT Engine.

When the tag’s parent was changed to the new UDT version in the Edge Gateway, we manually deleted the old tag in the MQTT Engine, and used the Refresh tag from the MQTT Transmission module so that the tag’s definition could be updated as the Documentation says. When the tag finally refreshed in the MQTT Engine, it showed up containing the correct tag folder structure and the tags of the new UDT with the appropriate data, but the tag itself is showing up as a folder. I’ve tried deleting it again and refreshing the Transmission module, but it keeps popping up as a folder.

How can I fix this?

Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance!!

I don’t know of any UDT bugs in 4.0.10 that would cause the behavior you’re seeing. However, there was a TransmissionClient thread leak in 4.0.10 that could cause all sorts of strange behavior and for that reason, I would recommend upgrading both Engine and Transmission to the latest official builds (4.0.16). If you’re still seeing this same issue after upgrade, please reach out to support@cirrus-link.com with Ignition GW logs from the Engine and Transmission side and we can dig in further. Thanks!

I forgot to mention that after you upgrade the Transmission module from 4.0.10 to the latest version, you will need to restart the Ignition service so any leaked TransmissionClient threads get cleaned up properly.

Hi, Nathan, thank you for the swift response. I was running the possibility of updating our modules up the chain when you mentioned restarting the service, and I decided to try something.

I tried restarting the Transmition module by disabling it on the Edge installation, deleting both tags and UDTs from the MQTT Engine, enabling the Transmission module again and forcing a Refresh, and it worked! When the MQTT Engine started showing the UDTs and tags again, the tags were no longer appearing as folders, but tags.

I’m not sure what could’ve caused the issue, but I figured that if other users find themselves running into a similar issue in the future, this might work for them. I’m sure that updating the Transmission module would’ve also fixed it, since the module would be disabled during the update, so…

Thanks again for your help :smiley:

I’m not sure exactly what the root cause of your issue was, but I’m happy to hear the issue has been resolved! Let us know if you run into any other issues and when you can, please upgrade to the latest MQTT Transmission module to ensure you’re not running into any leaked TransmissionClient threads. Post-upgrade you will have to restart Ignition to clean up any potential leaked TransmissionClient threads.