Creating UDTS from MQTT Engine throwing errors

UPDATE: Upgraded to latest versions of Igntion, MQTT Distributor, MQTT Engine, and Designer.

Following these instructions and doesn’t appear to work the same for tags from an MQTT Engine.±+UDTs

Perhaps there is a better training resource to follow?

I have many devices publishing data via MQTT to Ignition and hoping to capitalize on UDTS.

Issue 1: When creating a new UDT from MQTT Engine, it creates it in the Sample_Tags provider. I would expect it to appear in the UDT definitions for the MQTT Engine. If I try to manually create a UDT, I get error “insufficient tag provider edit permissions”

Question: Are there any limitations or special considerations to using Ignition with UDTS from an MQTT Engine?

You cannot manually create UDTs within the Engine tag provider. You can configure the MQTT Transmission module to send tags to Engine as UDTs (Convert UDTs = False) and Engine will then create the appropriate UDT definitions and instances in its tag provider.

Take a look at these videos on that talk a bit about configuring the MQTT Transmission module and UDTs.