MQTT through VPN having Bad_NodeIdUnknown

Hi All, i am using 8.1.7 for both ignition central server (engine and distributor modules installed 4.0.8) and edge (transmission module installed 4.0.8)

My plc is connected through OPC-UA Omron FINS/TCP driver.

On my server, all the OPC tags quality is Error_Configuration.
However, memory tags are working fine.

When i check the log, i see:

Write of value ‘[false, Good, Fri Jul 30 12:13:50 SGT 2021 (1627618430116)]’ to tag ‘[MQTT Engine]Edge Nodes/PLANT/DIGITAL/AREA/VALVE/V15’ resulted in failure: Bad(“Bad_NodeIdUnknown: The node id refers to a node that does not exist in the server address space.”)

Just wanna know, if VPN doesnt work for MQTT, or there is some configuration that needs to be done in-order for the connection to go through?

Many thanks in advance!

How do the tags at the ‘edge’ (i.e. those that are tied to Transmission)? Do they have good quality and can you write to them directly?

When tags are transmitted via MQTT to MQTT Engine, they are created as ‘managed tags’ which are very much like memory tags. They should have no knowledge of OPC by the time they are created in MQTT Engine.

There shouldn’t be any issues using a VPN in conjunction with the MQTT modules as long as the VPN allows MQTT traffic through.

Hi wes.johnson, thank you for replying.

The plc is connected to edge, and edge and server are connected through teamviewer’s VPN actually.
Yes, those tags on the edge have good quality and i can read/write them directly from edge…
Why is why i am confused…

Do you have any idea about the “Bad_NodeIdUnknown” that the log is talking about?

I think it might be best for you to contact and open a ticket. A screen share may be required to get to the bottom of what is going on. As I noted, MQTT Engine tags should not have any knowledge of OPC so I’m not quite sure what is going on. Support should be able to get to help get to the bottom of this.

Okay i will, thank you wes.johnson!