Edge Transmission OPC Tags


I’m using ignition edge on a raspberry pi, sending tags via transmission to the main ignition server.

I can send memory tags, query tags, derived tags but I cant send OPC tags. The birth and death message will update the tag OPC tag value value but in-between then the values wont send. They are connected in the designer and change, for example a 1 second counter OPC tag, but it will not send to the server. If I create a derived tag from that OPC tag it works (5000ms pacing period). Is it a design thing where I cant send OPC tags directly or my set up ?

Also, what is the best way to update the server MQTT tag list after making changes in edge? Disconnect and re-connect to force a re-birth or is there another way ?

Given your OPC tags are coming across in a birth, they should just update automatically when they update as well via Sparkplug DATA messages. As long as your OPC tag(s) are set up in the path configured in your Transmitter configuration it should just work. I’d suggest opening a ticket at support@cirrus-link.com so we can debug this to get it resolved quickly. I’d recommend including logs from both the Edge and the Central Gateway as well.