Licensing clarificaiton

Would like to clarify licensing for MQTT Distributor. I understand there is a standard with 50 clients and a plus for 250 clients. Just want to make sure I understand what a “client” is in relation to group, node and devices.

Is a node a client as well as anything else that connects through the distributer, like the Ignition server? Device is not considered a client? Any limitations to devices? I can’t get them numbers to match up so just want to make sure I don’t push any limits and get a base understanding. I didn’t see how to get a list of “clients”, just the count in the MQTT Distributor tags and the client count is 11 more than the node count under MQTT Engine.

In the case of my client, they have the edge devices organized in such a way that there appears to be multiple nodes on each edge device because there was the desire to use the grouping to group tag types together coming from the edge.

So a ‘client’ from a licensing perspective is specifically an MQTT client. From a Sparkplug perspective, every unique combination of a Group and Edge Node ID is one MQTT client. For example, say you have the following Sparkplug Edge Nodes:


The above will result in 3 MQTT clients. The following document describes how Transmitters and Tag Trees can be arranged, which in turn will define how many MQTT clients get created from a single Transmission instance: MQTT Transmission Transmitters and Tag Trees - MQTT Modules for Ignition 8.x - Confluence

Thank you very much. Looks like it’s working how I thought. Appreciate the link.