Node constantly rebirths


I have an infrastructure where I’ve got two Edge Gateways with MQTT Transmission installed connected to the same MQTT Distributor broker. Each edge gateway controls two pieces of equipment.

On the first gateway, I have two transmitters set up with Group and Node IDs like this:
Group #1/Equipment #1
Group #1/Equipment #2

On the second gateway, I have two transmitters set up like this:

When I turn on the all the transmitters, I get the Equipment#3 and #4 nodes constantly going offline and coming back on again. If I turn off one of the nodes, either Equipment#3 or Equipment#4, then everything seems to work fine.

I’m guessing I have something wrong with my configuration but it is exactly the same as the other gateway (except for the NodeIDs).

It appears you have specified an MQTT client ID of ‘2’ in your Transmission Server configuration. Since you have two Edge Nodes associated with your Transmitter configuration, both MQTT clients are using the same client ID of ‘2’. In MQTT, you can not have two clients connected to the same MQTT Server. If you do, they will continually kick eachother off the server.

So, I believe if you remove the ‘MQTT Client ID’ from your Transmission ‘Server’ configuration (in the advanced section) unique client IDs will be generated and will not kick each other off the server. Generally an MQTT Client ID should only ever be manually specified if the MQTT Server has requirements making it necessary. MQTT Distributor has no such requirement.

Thank you so much! That solved the problem.