Distributor logger info


The CL Distributor has 13 loggers. Where can I find some information on what logger does what?
I need specifically to know the connection status of a non-spark plug client (Siemens CloudConnector712 is the publisher).
The tags in the Distributor tag provider is also quite sunccint…

Any update on that, maybe in 8.3?


In the MQTT Distributor tag provider, the Distributor Info > MQTT Clients tag is a dataset containing information about each connected client (available 4.0.18 onward) including Client ID, Username, IP Address, Connected Status, Last Connect Time and Last Disconnect Time.
Please take a look at our tutorial How do I know how many MQTT clients are connected to MQTT Distributor - MQTT Modules for Ignition 8.x - Confluence for details.

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Hi Gill… that’s it, my module is 4.0.17 ;( let’s upgrade.