Don't see a place to enter Session Token AWS Injector

I’m trying to connect to a kinesis stream but my aws account has role based access. So I need a session token to along with the access key and secret key. I see an option to enable session token but don’t see a place to enter it. Do I need to create a user based login or is there a place for me to enter the session token?

I read your original post over on the Inductive Automation Forum, and I wanted to help. I found and read Amazon’s tutorial, but I didn’t see anything about session tokens. Perhaps it’s linked in there somewhere, and I just missed it. Searching Cirrus’s site, the only two places I found AWS tokens mentioned were here and here, but it wasn’t clear to me how or if this information would help your usage case. In the first link, the Partition Key option under Advanced looked promising.

In any case, I’m sure Wes or Nathan will reply soon with the correct answer. If you figure this out in the interim, please post the solution. I am curious to see the outcome of this case.