AWS Kenesis Injector logs in MQTT recorder

I am trying to set up a Kenesis stream to AWS via Ignition, but an having problems with the setup. I have the MQTT Engine, transmission, distribution, recorder and AWS injector modules installed in Ignition, but I am not getting any data sent over to AWS. I have a Kinesis stream that says that it is connected, but no data for this stream is being shown in the MQTT recorder (the recorder works when I publish recorders directly thought he MQTT transmission module). Any Idea on what I could be doing wrong, how would I best troubleshoot this?

In the Ignition logs I get the following logs:

SparkplugPayloadHandler 30Aug2023 08:00:31 Got Sparkplug message: spBv1.0/My MQTT Group/DDATA/Edge Node fa5514/PLC 1
SparkplugPayloadHandler 30Aug2023 08:00:31 On topic=spBv1.0/My MQTT Group/DDATA/Edge Node fa5514/PLC 1: Incoming payload: SparkplugBPayload [timestamp=1693407631719, metrics=[Metric [name=Test_Number, alias=null, timestamp=1693407630553, dataType=Int32, isHistorical=null, isTransient=null, metaData=null, properties=PropertySet [propertyMap={}], value=101, isNull=false]], seq=59, uuid=null, body=null]

Good morning Phil,

I think this a rather complicated configuration that will need to be addressed in a Support ticket.
Can you submit a question with your topology explained (number of systems running Ignition, and name and versions of our modules on each system) and a brief outline of the planned workflow of this Tag data?

You may be missing some components or we may need to clarify the functionality of each module in your topology.

Send that email to with the above details.