AWS Injected Tags Bad_Failure

We have the following scenario.

  • A factory utilizing an MQTT version that is quite outdated, possibly 4.0.5 or older. I am unsure of the exact version as I don’t have access to the factory’s Ignition system.

Our main gateway is currently on version 8.1.35, with MQTT and AWS Injector modules at version 4.0.20.

Recently, some AWS Injector tags have been consistently producing “Bad_Failure” results (the majority of them). However, some tags still show good quality results.

Attempts have been made to downgrade the Ignition version to one that did not exhibit this issue (version 8.1.23, along with modules at 4.0.14), but the error persists.

We are seeking guidance from professionals with expertise in this area to assist in identifying and resolving the problem. It is crucial to note that we do not have access to the Ignition system responsible for sending data to MQTT.

We appreciate in advance any guidance or suggestions that may contribute to resolving this issue.


I recommend reaching out to Cirrus Link Support @ to help debug this issue. I’m assuming MQTT Transmission is installed on the factory floor, then MQTT Engine and the AWS Injector are installed on your main GW. Support will need these details, plus logs from your main GW. If you can include context around the Bad_Failure tags, that would be good as well; things like… Which tag provider do these tags belong to? Are these MQTT Engine tags? If not MQTT Engine tags, how do they relate to MQTT / the AWS Injector?

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I managed to access Ignition on the factory floor, restarted the MQTT module and the problem was resolved.