DynamoDB connects and disconnects shortly after

Good afternoon, guys :slight_smile:

I am facing a problem connecting to DynamoDB using the AWS Injector module.

I use the same AWS Access Key and AWS Secret Key configured to access Kinesis, however, when configuring DynamoDB the status “Connected” appears, and seconds later it appears “Disconnected”.

I’ve even tried to use a temporary AWS account with root rights, but still without success.

  • Ignition version 8.1.23
  • AWS Injector version 4.0.14 (b2022121422)


Can you send your Ignition GW logs to support@cirrus-link.com? We’ll review to see if we can identify the root cause. The latest official version of the Azure Injector is v4.0.20 and we may ask you to upgrade if these issues are fixed in the latest version.

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I backed up the gateway, updated the module version to 4.0.20 and the connecting and disconnecting error was resolved.

Now the error went to Kinesis, after updating the module.

Also update the Ignition to 8.1.35 to try solve this issue.

Best regards

java.lang.ClassCastException: class com.cirruslink.ingest.kinesis.KinesisFirehoseIngestService cannot be cast to class com.cirruslink.ingest.kinesis.KinesisIngestService (com.cirruslink.ingest.kinesis.KinesisFirehoseIngestService and com.cirruslink.ingest.kinesis.KinesisIngestService are in unnamed module of loader com.inductiveautomation.ignition.gateway.modules.ModuleClassLoader @185838e3)

at com.cirruslink.ingest.kinesis.AbstractKinesisIngestService.push(AbstractKinesisIngestService.java:269)

at com.cirruslink.ingest.kinesis.AbstractKinesisIngestService.push(AbstractKinesisIngestService.java:166)

at com.cirruslink.injector.aws.gateway.AwsInjectorSettings$1.push(AwsInjectorSettings.java:161)

at com.cirruslink.injector.aws.gateway.AwsInjectorSettings$1.handleEvent(AwsInjectorSettings.java:130)

at com.cirruslink.mqtt.common.gateway.agent.AgentEdgeNode$PushDelayTask.doPush(AgentEdgeNode.java:2499)

at com.cirruslink.mqtt.common.gateway.agent.AgentEdgeNode$PushDelayTask.run(AgentEdgeNode.java:2486)

at java.base/java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(Unknown Source)

at java.base/java.util.TimerThread.run(Unknown Source)```

I might try restarting the current GW to see if the class loader issues get resolved on a clean start up of the new module.