CPU Usage 90-100%

I have a problem that every two days the use of Java on our broker server is crashing above 90%, most of the time staying at 100%.

When I restart the instance, CPU usage stays below 2-3% for about 46-48 hours.

  • 2vcpu 4gb ram the EC2 instance.
  • Chariot Version:2.0.0-beta1

I would recommend upgrading your Chariot server to the latest version (2.3.4) to see if it resolves the CPU consumption issues you’re seeing. There have been significant improvements made to the Chariot code base since version 2.0.0-beta1. The upgrade path is a little more complicated when upgrading from 2.0.0, so please be sure to follow the upgrade guide here. If the upgrade does not resolve the CPU consumption issues you’re seeing, please then reach out to support@cirrus-link.com and include your Chariot logs.

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After the upgrade of version, the instability issue is over. Many thanks, Nathan Davenport.

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Great! Glad to hear it. Thanks for posting the results post-upgrade.

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