Error after update

I have an error updating the system. We currently have version 2.0.0-beta1, however, when updating the version to the most current one, the error of the image available appears in the e-mail.

What did I do?

I performed the update from version 2.0.0-beta to version 2.1.0 following the documentation:

I did the login test on the Admin panel, and I got it. But when going to the page to enable SSL, it showed the same error as the attached image.

As we want to work with the most current version, I followed the documentation to upgrade to 2.2*

I can access the server via port 8080, but I can’t configure SSL. The image attached error always appears

PS: License is valid

Hi Jose,

To confirm this isn’t an issue with old/stale Chariot UI code being cached by the browser, can you clear your browser cache and then reload the Chariot UI? If you’re still hitting this issue after clearing your browser cache, please download the Chariot logs via the Chariot UI and send them to along with a link to this post or a brief re-statement of the problem.