Auto-publishing of files

I am trying to setup auto-publishing of files through MQTT.
I have set up everything according to this guide: Publishing Files with Transmission - MQTT Modules for Ignition 8.x - Confluence

Everything works when I am manually triggering the sending of the files. However, I would like this to happen automatically every time a new file arrives at the folder on the edge. Once I enable the auto-publishing of files nothing happens. I have calculated the MD5 value and generated the file. I don’t see any entries in the logs, so nothing indicates that anything is wrong. It is just that nothing happens and the files is not send.
I know this is a bit vague… but any hints would be appreciated.

I am using MQTT modules v 4.0.10 and Ignition 8.1.14.

We have a bug in 4.0.10 that can result in the FilePublisher thread dying unexpectedly. To confirm this is the issue and work-around it, try resetting the ‘Publish Files Folder’ tag to the same, correct path and try again. If this fixes your issue, you’re likely hitting the bug described above. This bug has been fixed in the latest Nightly version of MQTT Transmission for Ignition 8 (link below).

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