Transmission sending NBIRTH after every DDATA message

I’m seeing some strange behavior from Transmission (4.0.19) in my Host Application, both connected to AWS IoT:

  • I start my Host application which sends the corresponding STATE message
  • I change the value of one of my tags via Ignition Designer
  • This triggers an initial NBIRTH message from Transmission followed by all the corresponding DBIRTH messages as expected. The last received DBIRTH has a seq == 6
  • I go back to Ignition Designer and change another tag
  • I get a DDATA message with seq == 7 and the updated value as expected

So far so good. But now immediately after the DDATA message I also get a new NBIRTH/DBIRTH sequence. I have logging enabled for all outgoing CMD messages so I’m pretty sure the Host App is not requesting a Rebirth. This continues happening after every Tag change.

Any idea what might be happening?

I would like to see the log from Transmission. Can you download from the log view pager (Status;DIAGNOSTIC; Logs) and send that to

You’ll have to compress this to smaller than about 13MB or upload at our, Contact Us, Support.


Ignore me. Turns out I was running MQTT Engine on an old test Ignition installation and that was sending the Node Rebirth requests. As soon as I disabled it everything works as expected in my Host App. Sorry for the false alarm