Repeated messages with bdseq and Node Control/Next Server or Rebirth set to False

b'{"timestamp":1695561795380,"metrics":[{"name":"Node Control/Next Server","timestamp":1695561795380,"dataType":"Boolean","value":false},{"name":"Node Info/Transmission Version","timestamp":1695561795380,"dataType":"String","value":"4.0.17 (b2023062823)"},{"name":"bdSeq","timestamp":1695561795380,"dataType":"Int64","value":3},{"name":"Node Control/Rebirth","timestamp":1695561795380,"dataType":"Boolean","value":false}],"seq":0}'

I connected MQTT Transmission to an IOT Core Endpoint in my AWS account. Periodically, we start receiving a ton of messages back to back with the payload shown above. What exactly does this mean?

These tags are included in the Sparkplug NBIRTH message pushed from MQTT Transmission although the NBIRTH messages normally include all the current state of the tags picked up by the Transmitter so this possibly is an invalid Transmitter configuration.
I would suggest that you open a support ticket with our team at who can help get to the root of the problem. Please include your Transmitter configuration along with tag provider tags and a download of the logs.