Testing MQTT Transmission store and forward feature with AWS IoT Core

Currently we are implementing MQTT Transmission module to send data to AWS IoT Core (please note that we don’t use MQTT Engine module).

On this implementation, we would like to test incase of communication failure with AWS IoT Core whether the stored data is resynchronised back to AWS storage.

Can anyone help how to simulate this scenario of failure? Currently we are testing on trial license on staging servers.

We performed following methods and unable to see the data synchronization:

  1. Changed the URL address in MQTT Transmission server settings – Synchronisation didn’t happen when we re-established connection.
  2. On AWS we disabled the routing IP – Synchronisation didn’t happen when we re-established connection.

Can anyone please suggest a method to test this function.

Changing the configuration of Transmission will not work. On a config change, the history is not saved because you have changed the server to connect to. The easiest way to do this is to disconnect the network connection (i.e. pull ethernet or turn off your wifi controller).

When not using a Sparkplug Primary Host ID the only way for MQTT Transmission to know to store data is when the MQTT connection from Transmission to the MQTT Server is lost.

@wes.johnson Thanks for prompt response. Apologies for late question.

We are running Ignition on VMware and so we disabled the ignition application server from our network and waited for 10 mins and re-established.
I was able to see on Ignition side default local memory store increases however when we re-established, the stored data didn’t resynchronise with AWS IoT core.

Is there anything I need to do here?

It should happen automatically. The logs should indicate data is being flushed after reconnecting. How are you verifying data is arriving (or not arriving) at IoT Core?