Does Edge MQTT Transmission tag data gets pushed to MQTT Server after connection is back

Hi All

I have an Ignition Edge (MQTT Transmission module installed) connected to Ignition Server (MQTT Engine & Distributor) using MQTT protocol through 4G. Both having tag logging/historian enabled with the same database name. Hence by default, the server side is able to display the trend data of the edge. When 4G/connection is down at 10AM, no data will be sent to server. When connection is normalized at 11AM, there will be a blank gap between 10-11AM, and the logging continues.

Suppose the connection is stable after 11AM, will trend data from Edge’s 10-11AM be slowly pushed to the server, to “fill up the gap”?

Yes Engine tag data will be back-filled if you’ve enabled MQTT Store and Forward in MQTT Transmission configuration and enabled history on your MQTT Engine tags. For more details on required configuration see this document.