Store and Forward not working properly with Ignition causing cache in our edge devices and quarantined items in our main gateway


we have issues with store and forward. we are getting live data from our connected ignition edge devices. however, while they are connected it seems that the store and forward functionality builds up a massive cache on our edge devices. This slows down our HMI responsiveness quite a lot.

I noticed that in our main gateway we constantly get quarantined items due to reasons seen in the image below:

If i hit retry enough times the number of quarantined items at the main gateway go down and the screen responsiveness on our edge HMI is improved. What settings have we messed up in order to create this issue? do we have to implement a script that automatically triggers retry?

Below is an image of our EDGE tag settings.

If you’re running an older build of MQTT Transmission at the edge (pre-4.0.21), it’s possible the quarantined data is due to a bug in Transmission where we’re sending duplicate timestamps when capturing then flushing historical data from the edge. I recommend upgrading MQTT Transmission to 4.0.21 and then seeing if this issue still occurs. If it occurs again after the upgrade to 4.0.21, please reach out to as we’ll need to dig deeper. Please include Engine and Transmission GW logs when you send mail to support.

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