MQTT Sparkplug: Unable to send value with datatype Integer Array or even any supported Array Type

Ignition SCADA Version 8.1.5
MQTT Engine Version 4.0.7 (b2021041216)
MQTT Transmission 4.0.7 (b2021041216)

Under Default Tag Provider ( Set on Transmitters), Create new tag with datatype Integer Array & create 2 array indices. Then toggle refresh “[MQTT Transmission]Transmission Control/Refresh”

DBIRTH/DDATA published are not parsed

Could you please help us how to send Integer Array through MQTT Sparkplug

Integer Arrays are supported in Transmission and Engine v4.0.6 and later. So, if you connect MQTT Engine to the same MQTT server you are using you should be able to see them come across and arrive in the MQTT Engine tag provider.

However, this support has not been added to the MQTT.fx parser which is why you are not seeing them parsed in that tool.

Thanks John. It worked