MQTT Engine not providing the correct data type for json payload

I’m publishing this payload to the MQTT Engine in Ignition:
{“L”: 65.0778888988495, “a”: 5.6495682209730145, “b”: 5.287174153327942}

When I view from the MQTT Engine tag browser, the datatype is set to Int8 for the values.
I need to have it as a Float8.
“readOnly”: true,
“dataType”: “Int8”,
“enabled”: true,
“name”: “L”,
“tagType”: “AtomicTag”

Is there a way to correct this?

The datatype is set based on the initial value that arrives for the tag. If it has a decimal, it will be a double. If it doesn’t have a decimal and is a number, it will be a long. To correct it, just delete the tag in MQTT Engine’s tag provider and it will get recreated on the subsequent payload.

Thanks Wes!

The initial values that were being published were all zeros, so that was forcing the datatype to be integer. I set the initial value to 0.0001 and now the topic values are now floats.

Thanks for your quick response!