Ignition/zwavejs2mqtt/Ignition MQTT Modules

Hello all,
I have found this forum by way of the Ignition forums, and may receive more specific help here.
I have Ignition installed and the Distributor (MQTT broker), Engine, and Transmitter modules installed. I am using a js service zwavejs2mqtt to connect my zwave smart home devices to the MQTT broker.

I am now able to see the data from the zwave device in a custom namespace folder under MQTT Engine tag provider, but they were all created as “read only” tags. If I edit the tag to be read/write, and attempt to edit the targetValue of my zwave switch deivce, I get an error “Error writing to targetValue.value: Bad_ReadOnly”.

I am very new to Ignition and MQTT, but am a Controls/Automation Engineer by trade dealing with Allen Bradley PLC’s, VFD’s, Ethernet/IP deivices in an industrial controls environment. I am excited to learn and use this to make my own smart home system.

Any help would be appreciated!


For anybody that stumbles onto this post, the resolution seems to be here: