Ignition MQTT - Redundant Gateways and Failover of MQTT traffic?

Hoping someone in the forum can assist with a question I have around Ignition Gateway Redundancy and MQTT. We are looking at using Gateway Redundancy for uptime/resiliency/maintenance purposes, but have some questions around how MQTT traffic routing happens at the Edge Nodes when a failover occurs from Primary to Backup Gateway? Since the Backup Gateway will be on a different IP how can traffic be redirected (from Edge Nodes) to the Backup Gateway when a failover occurs?

Do you have any helpful hints as to how to best architect this so we don’t lose data on a failover condition to the Backup Gateway?

I’d recommend starting with the basic tutorial. It covers much of what it sounds like you’re trying to do: Advanced: MQTT Modules in Redundant Ignition Environment - MQTT Modules for Ignition 8.x - Confluence

Thanks Wes. I am getting old as I recall looking at this link before, but didn’t retain it in my aging brain. I will give it a good read this time. Thanks again Wes. Cheers, Chris

No problem. Let us know if you see any room for improvement in the doc or if any of your questions aren’t answered. Good luck with your project!