How to correctly use S&F custom tag property 'CL Store Forward Enabled'

Hi guys

I have history enabled on a tag, it is working fine. If I disable the primary host and toggle the tag and then enable it again, the history comes through correctly. But I want to rather use the ‘CL Store Forward Enabled’ custom tag property since we have a lot of tags on the edge but only historize a few. Allowing storage space to rather be used for the tags that matter.

There isn’t a lot of info or examples on using it (which I could find). So I created the custom property of type BOOL on a tag as shown below:
Is this the correct setup?

Because even though I have this custom property on my tag, it seems like the history setting “Enable History Storage by Default” which can be found in MQTT Transmission settings, is still the deciding factor on whether or not transmitter tags are stored.

It appears that custom property’s name has changed to ‘StoreAndForward’. We’ll make sure to update the documentation to reflect this.

Thanks, that worked. Just for completeness and for anyone else implementing this, just refresh the transmitter after creating or changing (true/false) the custom property. Even if a refresh is not required.

Thanks for that additional data point. This is a currently known issue in MQTT Transmission that we are tracking in our backlog and should have fixed soon. The ‘Refresh Required’ tag currently only goes true if tags are added or moved in a Transmitters tag tree. If does not go true if properties are modified (and are excluded from the filtered properties list). But, it should in this case as well as you noted.