Enabling History Collection on Multiple Tags

I have just reviewed the MQTT history setup and notice that ‘History must be enabled on the MQTT Engine Tag’.

The way the MQTT tags appear at the Gateway is under the MQTT Engine Edge Nodes, so I now have to individually enable the history on each of the new MQTT tags I want to collect history on.

Is there another way to get the MQTT data into my historian, or do I need to write a script to enable each tag I require

Yes - they need to be configured manually or via a script. There currently is no way to automate this via the MQTT Engine module itself.

There is another option - that is to use reference tags from another tag provider and set up history on those. But, that also requires some manual configuration and/or scripting.


Thankyou for the response, I am now setting up reference tags on the Gateway on a different Tag provider. I don’t like the idea of having to reinstate the history every time a change is made on the edge device.