Engine and Transmission Timezones

Has anyone ever noticed any problems with an edge device using the Transmission module and the server using MQTT engine running in 2 different time zones?

I’m curious as to when the edge device loses connection for a period of time and the buffer data comes in. Do they need to have the same internal clock so that they won’t be an hour off when historical data comes into the server from the edge device?


The modules use UTC time so as long as the (OS) Geographic location or Region and local time are set properly there will be no problem. Just be sure to set your NTP daemon to keep the correct time.


I recently ran into an issue where the time in the Edge side was about 30 hours behind the server and it appears that is a problem.

My reference tag looking at the tags in the Mqtt engine tag provider we’re going uncertain. It appears to be fixed now since I adjusted the time in the edge side to match my server’s time.