Dynamically Change Edge Node ID

I’m looking at a project using Ignition EAM to push projects and updates out to machines with a local edge instance and transmission. Each machine has its own serial number and gets its gateway name (same as the serial number) from the Pi that’s hosting edge (ignition-‘PI Name’. That serial number is also stored in the PLC (Siemens) and can be accessed via OPC.

Is it possible to use the gateway name or the OPC serial number to change the Node ID. That way I can push our project updates to the machine and the MQTT node id will match that machine. I tried deleting the node and group id as the settings say its optional but the server disconnects, says 0 of 0 as opposed to 1 of 1 when all is well.

Take a look at this doc: MQTT Transmission Transmitters and Tag Trees - MQTT Modules for Ignition 8.x - Confluence

It shows the relationship between a Transmission Transmitter and the tag tree and how to configure the two to define your Sparkplug IDs.