Will there be support for QoS 2?


Are there any plans on integrating QoS 2 in MQTT Engine? The way I understand it, it would require some scripting to be able to confirm the receiving and handling of values, but I think that could be quite useful when sending things that need to be stored in databases that cannot get lost.

QoS2 is not supported by the Sparkplug specification. MQTT Transmission and MQTT Engine are both Sparkplug based implementations. So, it will not support QoS2. With that being said, there are mechanisms in Sparkplug that ensure data comes through. This video may help explain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3syYeTg6RBc

Oh, I Use MQTT Engine all the time for regular MQTT. Is it on your radar to extend the support to regular MQTT?

QoS2 support may be something we add for ‘custom namespaces’ in MQTT Engine in the future. It is in our product backlog but hasn’t been prioritized yet.