View Raw JSON MQTT Data

Is there any way to view the JSON coming in from a device in Ignition? I have a device that is transmitting data but I want to view the JSON that is coming in.

If you are using MQTT Engine with a custom namespace with ‘JSON Payload’ checked, you can turn the JsonPayloadHandler class logger to TRACE via Ignition. It will log each JSON payload as it arrives in the Ignition logger.

I am not using a custom namespace.
The device I have uses Sparkplug B so I’m getting the data but from device documentation, it shows that it sends a timestamp of the reported data.
"timestamp" : "2018-12-05T18 : 14 :52 . 000Z"
I don’t see a record for that unfortunately but I could probably go off of the Node Info/Online tag.
I was wanting to make sure it is sending that and see if I could retrieve it.

Sparkplug messages are not encoded using JSON on the wire. They are binary encoded Protobuf messages. However, if you turn the SparkplugPayloadHandler logger to TRACE, you can see the incoming payloads in a human readable format.