Tag path filtering issues

Having issues receiving any tags when a Tag path is supplied. For example, with a tag structure like this -

[Test]Test Folder/SubFolder/Tag1
[Test]Test Folder/Tag2
[Test]Other Folder/Tag3

I am receiving all three tags when no tag path is provided for the “Test” Tag provider. This is as expected. However, I’d like to specify the agent to only target the tags within the Test Folder folder. Every combination of input into that box sends no tags, as monitored by the Azure Injector tag provider. Ignition version 8.1.26 Module version 4.0.16

Good morning, Samuel.

In Azure Injector settings in your Tag Agent config under the Sparkplug Settings, try placing a Group ID and Edge Node ID values in the configuration.


Thanks Dan,

Filling in a groupID seems to have done the trick. Appreciate the help!