Topic segment 'group_id' fails to parse

Following up on previously hijacked NBIRTH Tag Properties topic.

I have been doing some more testing and it seems that periods (.) in the group_id topic segment prevent successful data ingress.

More testing to follow.

Definitely period in the group name breaks things. Only change here is the group name from “” to “MTC” and everything comes through cleanly, even properties.

This is because the Group ID (as well as Edge Node ID and Device ID) gets used in the Ignition tag structure. Periods are not valid characters in Ignition tag paths and fail as a result.

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So what is the best practice (or separator) for adding the upper ISA95 path in the Group ID?

So - I probably can’t offer much in terms of best practice - maybe someone at IA can chime in on this. But, as for valid characters in tags, these are Ignition’s rules: Keeping Tags Organized - Ignition User Manual 7.9 - Ignition Documentation. As a result of this, Sparkplug Group ID, Edge Node ID, and Device IDs also have to conform to this if Ignition is the Host Application being used (as do metric names).