"Replay" tags script after MQTT connectivity resumes

Hello, I am having issues with triggering ‘on change’ scripts on MQTT Engine tags for the offline data (ie store and forward).
I have followed the Video 12 Setup Store-and-Foreward System mplementing MQTT in Ignition Video 12 - Cirrus Link
At timestamp 3:12 Travis Cox explains how to “replay” the tags.

- Ignition Edge has MQTT Transmitter.
History Store is enabled.
In Order History Flush before live data resumes is also enabled.

- Ignition Server has MQTT Distributor and MQTT Engine modules.
Settings on MQTT Engine:
I have disabled: Enable the writing of historical change events directly to the History provider instead of updating the Tag value

I have on history enabled on MQTT Engine tag and Min between samples is set to 0.

The on change script is fairly simple:

The script works beautifully when the connection is normal. However, the script doesn’t seem to correctly trigger when he connection drops and resumes.