Multiples metrics in NCMD/DCMD message


I am using MQTT Trasmission, MQTT Distributor and MQTT Engine modules with Ignition Edge. I am using Sparkplug B as a namespace. Connected to the MQTT broker, there are also other clients that do not use the Cirrus Link software.
At the same time, I have an MQTT client connected to observe all the messages. From what I observe, when I use the function system.tag.writeBlocking(tagPaths, values) to write simultaneously to several tags of an MQTT client (Tag provider MQTT Engine using the NCMD/DCMD message type), a message is sent for each metric instead of including all the metrics in the same message. The metrics all belong to the same topic. Is this behavior dependent on the modules configuration or is it something native that cannot be modified?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Antonio,

I see you’ve sent a request into Support with the same question. I’ll answer here and any replies should be made to the Support thread.

This is a non-configurable function from Engine. Current Engine versions will always send one metric at a time. Batching isn’t possible today.