MQTT Engine - Subscribing to two separate MQTT Server that have the same topics

I am using Ignition 8.1.30 and MQTT Engine 4.0.16. I am attempting to subscribe to MQTT data on two different servers. I have two separate Solace MQTT servers (PROD and TEST). I have created 2 connections in the MQTT Engine Module one for the PROD Server (PROD_CONNECT) and one for the TEST Server (TEST_CONNECT). I have two separate Custom Namespaces (TEST_NAMESPACE and PROD_NAMESPACE), in order to receive the MQTT data into two separate MQTT Tags. The TOPICS on the PROD MQTT server and the TEST MQTT Server as the same (MFG/CONSUME/PALLET_TAG_NO/). I currently have Ignition subscribing to a topic on the TEST MQTT server and all is well. I can see the MQTT data in the Ignition MQTT Tag Browser (Test/MFG/CONSUME/PALLET_TAG_NO/). I see the value 1234567890. When I look at the PROD Tag Browser (Prod/MFG/CONSUME/PALLET_TAG_NO) I also see the value 1234567890. This is not possible as there is no data on the PROD MQTT Server. I am assuming that since the Topics are the same on my TEST MQTT Server and my PROD MQTT Server, Ignition is posting the TEST MQTT Data to both MQTT Tags (PROD and TEST). How do I link the Namespaces to the MQTT Connections? I tried adding a filter to the MQTT Engine Connection Settings, but this did not resolve the issue. I am assuming due to the fact that the Subscriptions (TOPICS) being the same in the Custom Namespaces?


We do not yet support special Topic subscriptions (or Filters) per Server for MQTT messages. We do support this for SparkplugB Namespace but not the Custom Namespace.