MQTT Distributor module and client certificate for access control

I am using a Beckhoff PLC as a client connecting to the MQTT Distributor module in Ignition as a broker. Additionally I would like to make my Beckhoff PLC code public, but don’t want to do so with a plain text username and password in the PLC. Beckhoff’s MQTT library includes the option to authenticate with a client certificate instead of a username/password, this would allow me to publish the PLC code without publishing the client certificate (stored on OS, referenced by file path). Is it possible to use a client certificate in the MQTT Distributor module instead of username/password to gain the assigned topic permissions? If not, is that on the product roadmap? If not, is there a feature request form I can fill out?

This is a feature we support in the Chariot MQTT Server.

It is not supported by MQTT Distributor and at this point there are no plans to add it to Distributor.

Thanks for the clarification!