MQTT TLS Configuration Changes

I have been viewing the “Implementing MQTT in Ignition” videos and have noticed a difference in the setup for TLS in the Ignition version in the videos as opposed to the latest version of Ignition at this time which is 8.1.10.

In the video here the configuration screens for the Distributor and Engine Module are different (not sure about the Transmission module though).

In Ignition 8.1.10, the MQTT Distributor Module does not have a place for the Keystore Password and Java Key Store File.
For the MQTT Engine Module, it doesn’t have a place to upload that TLS Certificate File. It has dropdowns for the CA Certificate File, Client Certificate File, and Client Private Key File.

How does one upload the TLS Certificate in Ignition 8.1.10?

The process has changed a bit over time. We don’t have a new video yet - the process is documented here: Configuring Secure MQTT Communication - MQTT Modules for Ignition 8.x - Confluence

It is actually a lot simpler now for 8.1.10. A very brief synopsis of the process is:

  1. Upload the certificate, private key, and CA chain to Ignition itself for the web server
  2. Enable TLS in the MQTT Distributor Settings (usually on port 8883)
  3. Restart the MQTT Distributor module.

Awesome, that’s what I expected. Yep that is easier now. Thank you.