Interleaving store-and-forward data back into Ignition

i’ve built a python application for a niche device that sends data to the Ignition MQTT module. it works just fine in either online mode or offline mode, storing payloads until it comes online again. when it does come back online, and i begin sending data to Ignition, there is a collision with the newly re-established datastream of live values. the seqNum of the SNF data is, naturally, out of order and this causes the MQTT to send an NCMD requesting a rebirth. i am stumped as to the best way to interleave the newly generated messages with the messages from the store-and-forward database on the device. and illumination would be most welcome.

for those who may need to know, DO NOT STORE THE seq IF POSSIBLE. but since Protobuf/SparkplugB is a bastard, it’s better to just replace it after retrieval. my ignorance of the usage of seq thanks to the usual crap documentation of this stuff was the root of this issue. top level solution: just replace the seq with the current one when sending back to the MQTT module. tip: base64 can be your friend here.