Ignition Edge - Publish to Cloud Broker

I am considering using Ignition Edge for a remote telemetry project. I would like to publish to a cloud based MQTT broker. Are there configuration instructions that go over configuring a connection to a cloud based server? I can only find references to servers on the local network in the existing manuals.

Hello Jon,

In general, if the server you will be using is fully MQTT compliant, and has a publicly facing IP address, then just ‘pointing’ your Server connection in Transmission Servers tab to the IP address with proper port and credentials is all you’ll need to do.

This is pretty straight forward if you are using our Chariot server or Distributor module on an Ignition instance in the cloud.

Do you have a Server/Broker product already chosen?


Hello Dan,

Right now for testing and development I am using a free tier HiveMQ cloud broker on AWS. For the live system I plan to use a broker that is part of Ignition Cloud.

I think the problem is how I am formatting the server connection. HMQ gives you multiple URL’s depending on what port you want to use (TLS, websocket, etc.). For testing I am not using certificates, just uname and password authentication. I initialy tried as you suggested above but Ignition wouldn’t accept the URL (which is what drove me to make this forum topic). I think I need to append the “tcp://” to the provided URL though. If I do this then Ignition accepts the URL as valid.

I can’t tell if it is actualy conencted though. Does Cirrus Link offer a free cloud based MQTT broker for testing?

I can see that I am not connected now. Does the Edge module require a Sparkplug compliant broker to make a connection? I don’t believe the HiveMQ cluster I am using supports Sparkplug.


Cirrus Link does offer an MQTT Server in the Cloud (both AWS and Azure) and you can deploy and run it in trial mode. This MQTT server, named Chariot MQTT server, has many tools and I can answer questions on the use and configuration of this Server once you have it up and running.

Alternatively, a Free Trial version of the Chariot MQTT server can be loaded onto a local PC (Windows or Linux) for testing in your Laboratory.

Here are the links for the downloads:



or for Chariot Server downloads and installation instructions on a local PC:




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Thanks Daniel,

Yes, I have seen the different versions available. I will give them a look and see what I can do.

Thanks for the assistance.