Gateway MQTT Logs Cleanup?

Hello Cirrus Link Community,

I was referenced to come here from the IA forum.

Currently we set the EngineRPCImpl logging level warn, and I believe that would only show warning/error level logs (not completely sure) But our problem is related to needing to log mqtt messages or disable mqtt logging other than errors/warnings. This problem stems from needing to diagnose other problems but because of the mqtt engine logging every publish we can only really see about a days’ worth of logs. The publishing logs take up about 90% of our logs.

Is the current setting good enough or do we have other options to stop logging / change where the publishing logs are sent to?

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You’re correct, setting the EngineRPCImpl logger to WARN will ensure that you only get warnings and errors logged from EngineRPCImpl. We’re going to move the log statement on an engine.publish() call from INFO to DEBUG and this will be in our next official module release (4.0.17). This will remove the spamming of your logs. From that point forward, you’ll need to set the EngineRPCImpl logger to DEBUG if you want to see publish calls in your logs.

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